I am a Python Professional with almost thirty years of professional experience (focus on Python). My main focus is backend development, software and enterprise architecture, Python tutor and mentor as well as requirements management and project management. In the area of content management systems and electronic publishing, I have extensive experience in publishing, XML and PDF.

I am always interested in new projects in exciting subject areas where I can use my expertise as a developer and architect to achieve added value for my clients.

During my many years of development work, I have worked in a wide variety of industries: publishing, industry, energy, medicine and pharmaceuticals. One of my main skills is to quickly familiarize myself with complex and non-specialist topics, to analyze the requirements and to develop a sustainable software and enterprise architecture from them.

My current focus is on the planning and implementation of green-field projects. I see myself as a backend developer and architect, but not as a DevOp. Nevertheless, I also have experience in the areas of frontend, network, cloud & Deployment have extensive, up-to-date expertise in order to be able to have a say in all aspects of projects. The implementation of cloud topics or front-end development generally takes place in cooperation with the corresponding experts from the respective fields.

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My Portfolio

Software development

With 30 years of experience in software development with Python, I have extensive expertise in backend development, web applications, REST microservices, database-based applications as well as experience in the field of data science, "big data", etc.

Software architecture and requirements management

Based on my many years of experience, I analyze the requirements of my customers (also from non-specialist areas) and design resilient software architectures based on them. Both technical requirements and developer experience (Python "best practice", developer-first approach) are incorporated.

My software solutions are primarily oriented towards the developer experience in order to provide the developers with an optimal developer experience. As a "by-product", my software solutions can of course be deployed in different scenarios (on-premise, cloud). I.e. the architecture of a software is not primarily based on the target architecture but on common software design principles, but to common software design principles.


  • Content management solutions based on the CMS Plone

    As a service provider, I have been implementing CMS solutions based on the Python-based CMS since 2001 Plone. Our reference project is the Guidelines Platform Onkopedia.

  • Individual Python software development

    On behalf of our customers, I implement individual software solutions in all possible business domains. Among other things, I have implemented solutions for the recording of gas consumption at large gas customers, worked on laboratory software and taken over numerous existing projects from customers as part of a software maintenance.

  • Electronic Publishing Solutions

    Due to my original work in the publishing industry (Saarbr├╝cker Zeitung, Haufe-Lexware Verlag, Office for Publications of the EU), I have a high affinity for publishing topics. The focus here is on CMS-based XML publishing solutions with so-called Single-Source Multi-Channel Approach. Another focus is the creation of high quality PDF documents from HTML/XML. with the help of CSS (PrintCSS approach aka CSS Paged Media).


Python (All versions)

  • All common Web-Frameworks
  • FastAPI, Pydantic
  • SQLAlchemy and other ORMs
  • Pandas, Numpy
  • Tools: pytest, coverage, flake8, etc.

Content management (CMS)

  • Zope application server
  • Alfresco
  • Wordpress
  • Plone

Electronic Publishing

  • XML Databases: BaseX, existDB, Marklogic
  • PDF Generation via CSS Paged Media (PrintCSS)
  • Full-text search: Solr, Elasticsearch, Typesense


  • Relational Databases: Oracle, Postgres, MySQL
  • NoSQL Databases: ArangoDB, Cassandra, InfluxDB, among others
  • Cloud Databases: AWS RDS, DynamoDB, among others


  • Jenkins, Github, Gitlab, Jira, Confluence, Teams, Office 365, among others.


  • Kanban
  • Scrum
  • Agile development
  • Extreme Programming (XP)

Clients (Excerpt)

Sonnen Ltd.

Python Development and software architecture of a new Billing platform, requirements management

E.ON Energy

Python development and requirements management in the field of pricing

EWE Energy Trading

Python development in the field of pricing

University environment

Saarland University, Marburg University, Humboldt University

Medicine & Pharma

German Society for Haematology and Medical Oncology Inc.


Dynamore GmbH, Arculus GmbH

Other customers

German Telecom, T-Systems

Projects - My official website - PrintCSS technology for generating high-quality PDF documents from HTML/XML and CSS - My PrintCSS/PDF Portofolio
XML-Director - A framework for the realisation of electronic publishing applications based on the CMS Plone and XML technology
Produce & Publish - A collection of technologies and tools from the field of electronic publishing

Skills & Experience


Software Architect,
Requirements management

Project management

Relational databases

NoSQL databases

Plone CMS

Electronic Publishing

Cloud (AWS, Azure)